Summer Bliss In White Sneakers

Made of a white leather and with a minimal design, tennis shoes with a touch of Seventies (the legendary Adidas Original Stan Smiths leading) are living its golden time again. Top fashion designers also show them on their runways and style them with basically anything… even with an evening dress. Check out some ideas on white sneakers.

Do you think that sports shoes are the invention of the 21st century? Maybe neon ones with technological details are, but their prototype was created much earlier. In the middle of the 18th century, the first slipped sports shoes were created. At least their simplified version.

They had a material, sliding top and (above all) a rubber sole so that you could sneak in without any noise. They were mainly worn to work out and on the beach. A little bit later, around 1890, (yes, long before Nike and Adidas!)the first sneakers manufacturer was established, Keds. And that’s how it all started.

Sneakers cannot be associated only with the Americans. Already in the 1920s German businessman Adolf Dassler created a model of a sports shoes and called it his own name – Adidas, and soon it became the most popular sports brand in the world.

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