7 ways how to wear Vans

The hottest and comfiest shoes of this season? Vans of course! Comfortable sneakers appeared in the lookbooks of the largest fashion stores and took fashion bloggers’s hearts. Check out how to style them to achieve an exceptional look with your pair of Vans.

Vans has been one of the most popular sports shoes for several seasons. Not only are they comfortable but also available in many different designs and colors. In fact, Vans can be worn with everything and is a quintessential of a casual style – comfy, glamorous and made to use them in everyday life. Initially, Vans were worn only by skaters. Over time, those shoes became more and more popular, and now men and women are choosing the more and more often for their styling. Although not suitable for work, where there is a strict dress code, but you can put them to your bag and wear them when leaving the office and happily walk back home.

Vansy will do great  during most of the year – they can be worn from early spring, almost until the fall. During the summer heat may be less comfortable, but when temperatures are more pleasant, Vansy will be the perfect solution.

Vans are trainers perfect for mid-seasons. Thanks to the simple model and to the wide variety of colours, patterns and prints, they’re loved by everyone, most of all models and actresses.

1. Vans and jeans

Vans are perfect if styled with a pair of rolled up ankle boyfriend jeans. You pick the colour! You can go for classic colours, like blue, black, red or go bold with fluo shades.

2. Vans: slaying the classic style

You can decide to wear Vans as if they were loafers, going for a total black pair. For the autumn, be inspired by the look in this picture: a trench, knee-length skirt, vintage bag and Vans.

3. Vans: sneakers for every occasion.

Vans are trainers suitable for your office outfit as well. You just have to choose a simple model, possibly black, like the one at the right bottom corner of this picture. If you want to go bold, you can pick a pair of Vans with bright details.

4. Two-coloured trainers

Vans fits all the styles, you just have to choose the patterns and prints carefully. We love the leopard-print trainers to wear with other prints like the floreal one, for example.

5. Speckled Vans

Vans are glam and trendy, giving you plenty of possibilities to pick the right colours. If you want to add up a bit of spice to your look, choose speckled vans in leopard pattern or zebra one.

6. Blue Vans

Play with the blue this summer.  Get inspired by the look on the picture and combine a pair of colorful Vans with boldly patterned jeans.

7. Vans: Sneakers to wear with skirt

The Vans thanks to the simple model can be combined with the skirt. Those ladies who are not afraid of new treds, can wear them with long stockings in bright colours or a simple black one. Go to Vans online store, check their wide variety of models and style up your summer outfit.


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