The Perfect Men’s Outfit for Nights Out

Getting the perfect outfit for a night out can be a lengthy process, and the answer can change depending what the occasion is. It could be a night out with the boys, dinner and drinks with your partner, or a chilled out night at the cinema – regardless, we want to always look our best.


Side Kick Clothing love impressing our readers by showcasing what we consider to be the best in men’s fashion, and in this installment of our blog we will be looking directly at nights out and what you should consider for an outfit when you are out enjoying yourself.


You can’t go wrong with a long sleeved shirt

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Shirts are a staple in men’s fashion, they have always been used by men for generations to look smart and presentable, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime fast. Although not all shirts look great, so we have created a small guide on what we consider to be the key features to be looking for when picking a shirt:


• Slim fit sizing helps to keep your appearance neat and tidy
• Always go for long sleeve
• Go for something in a plain or neutral colour
• Look for collar buttons, which are a regular with oxford shirts


Clarks shoes are both smart and distinctive

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Getting the right shoes for a night out is important, as it isn’t just about getting a pair which looks nice, you’re comfort is just as important. Avoid buying traditional leather shoes as they provide minimal breathing space and are terribly awkward for comfort.


The best thing about Clarks Chukka Boots is that they are crafted with comfort in mind, yet they still provide a lovely aesthetic which is perfect in combination with a smart pair of trousers and an oxford style shirt.


Don’t overdo it with a blazer



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Instead of this, consider something more along the lines of below.


Image result for mens harrington smart shirt
Consider a Harrington jacket, as it’s more versatile for all occasions


One of the hottest pieces of clothing for men over the past few years have incorporating a classic styled men’s blazer into an outfit for going out. We at Sick Kick believe that you should avoid the temptation to buy a blazer as we think it’s too traditional for the modern man, plus there’s no originality in it! Instead consider wearing an plain Harrington of a jumper when you need another layer of clothing as it’s more comfortable and adaptable for a night on the town.


Use socks to show some individuality

Wearing unique designer socks can be a great way of adding some variety to your outfit. Instead of going over the top with brightly coloured shirts, go for a more subtle approach by adding minimalistic flair to your outfit through the use of socks from the London Sock Company. You’ll have no doubt heard of the London Sock Company over the past month, as they have been making huge waves in the fashion industry, but recently they released their range of socks for night out which you can view here:


One of the keys to achieving great fashion is through making the best use of the clothes you wear every day, such as socks, shirts, jeans and jackets. When you start to use accessories to express your fashion sense your look is at risk of looking too crammed. Think simplicity through textures and designs of everyday clothes.

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